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Owner Jeff Meader produces wines from selected vineyard sites including his own on Ribbon Ridge. Single vineyard wines are featured and typically the wines are from a single clone of Pinot Noir.

The name of the winery derives from the government's desire to use Meader's private property for the public good. Tri-Met and the City of Portland wanted his property for a new light rail line but forced Meader to go to court since he suspected the property would not be used solely for the public good and the value they assigned was low. He won, but was never paid adequate value for the property, the building was never torn down and is still used for their own offices. The Meader family decided to turn their "sour grapes" into fine wine by purchasing 7 acres on Ribbon Ridge planted in April 2009

The vineyard has 2 acres of Pommard, 2 acres of 777 and 1.5 acres of 115 all on 101-14. 4' x 6' vine spacing. Elevation is about 640 feet.

In 2009, Pinot Noir was offered from Hyland Vineyard and Willakia Vineyard.