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First Report on 2005 DRC

Linda Murphy, writing in (February 6, 2008), reported on her participation at the January 31, 2008 pre-release tasting of the 2005 DRC wines (the formal debut was February 7 in New York). In 2005, DRC bottled approximately 7,800 cases. She noted that the tasting was so formal and quite it was “like being in a church” (I have attended two Wilson Daniels DRC prerelease tastings and the reverence for the wines is evident among all attendees.)

She related that the 2005 reds “are young, tight and unevolved, yet their personalities shine nonetheless, with plenty of sweet red fruit, firm yet ripe tannins, subtle oak influence, electrifying acidity and a mouth feel that is sensuous and smooth at first, wrapping itself gently around the palate then bursting on the finish with succulence and refreshment. Take a sip, swallow, wait two minutes and the taste and texture remain.”

Murphy says the DRC wines consistently display six traits: perfect balance, perfumed aromas, layer upon layer of flavor, silky texture, tremendous aging potential and extraordinary quality no matter what the vintage conditions. I would agree with all but the last trait as I have had very ordinary DRC wines from poor vintages. And I would add a seventh trait: expensive beyond belief.

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