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PinotFile Live!

  • PinotFile Live! 7.02 Sept. 15, 2008      Download    Play now
    Coverage of the 22nd Annual International Pinot Noir Celebration II Some newly discovered and old-guard Oregon Pinot Noir producers (Antica Terra, Arterberry Maresh, Cristom Vineyards, the Four Graces and more.
  • PinotFile Live! Issue 7.01 Aug. 19, 2008      Download    Play now
    The Prince's Style: How I taste and what my stylistic preferences are. Cult Pinot Collectables Tasting
  • PinotFile Live! Issue 6.63 Aug. 4, 2008      Download    Play now
    New Pinot Noir programs at J Vineyards & Winery and Ferrari-Carano. Drew is 2008 Wine & Spirits Winery of Year.
  • PinotFile Live! Issue 6.62 July 19, 2008      Download    Play now
    Jay Selman of Grape Radio joins the Prince. Part One features several California winemaker artisans: Paul Lato, Thomas Brown, and Augie Hug. Part Two is a discussion of the effect of the recession on premium wine sales.
  • PinotFile Live! Issue 6.60 June 9, 2008      Download    Play now
    11th Annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival, May 16-18, 2008.
  • PinotFile Live! Issue 6.59 May 26, 2008      Download    Play now
    Domaine Drouhin Oregon feature and report on vertical tasting.
  • PinotFile Live! 6.56 March 23, 2008      Download    Play now
    World of Pinot Noir 2008, "Prince's Excellent Adventure." Jay Selman from Grape Radio sits in.
  • PinotFile Live! 6.55 March 17, 2008      Download    Play now
    Pinot Paradise in the Santa Cruz Mountains on the Horizon. Discussion of Santa Cruz Mountains as an overlooked source for Pinot Noir. Coverage of 2008 Pinot Noir Shootout. Discovering new Pinot Noir producers. Highlighting Drew Wines, Halleck Vineyard, Roessler Cellars.
  • PinotFile Live! 6.54 March 3, 2008      Download    Play now
    Santa Maria Valley
  • PinotFile Live! 6.53 Feb. 18, 2008      Download    Play now
    Wes Mar Winery, Kasuari, Morlet, Potter Valley, and Naughty Boy Vineyards
  • PinotFile Live! 6.52 Jan. 30, 2008      Download    Play now
    Pinot Noir Consumes Oregonians
  • PinotFile Live! 6.51 Jan. 20, 2008      Download    Play now
    Russian River Valley. A look at the history of Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley with special emphasis on Williams Selyem Winery.
  • PinotFile Live! 6.49 Dec. 26, 2007      Download    Play now
    Pinot Noir All-Americans 2007

Prince of Pinot Podcasts

GrapeRadio Podcasts

  • Show 388: Wineries of Oregon - Ponzi Vineyards May 4, 2015
    A lively conversation with Luisa Ponzi about the history and current status of Ponzi Vineyards.
  • Show 384: Wineries of Oregon - Formaglini Vineyards March 16, 2015
    Owner David de Lancellotti discusses his family's vineyard and wines produced from a dry-farmed site in the Chehalem Mountains of Willamette Valley.
  • Show 369: Vineyards of Sonoma County - Heintz Vineyard with Charles Heintz July 28, 2014
    Heintz Vineyard is an iconic source of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
  • Show 368: Wineries of Oregon - White Rose Estate July 23, 2014
    Owner and winemaker Greg Sanders joins us for a discussion of his "neo-classical approach" to producing Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
  • Show 336: Vineyards of Sonoma County - with Domaine Carneros Aug. 16, 2013
    Conversation with winemaker Eileen Crane of Domaine Carneros
  • Show 333: Vineyards of Sonoma County - with Anaba Wines July 26, 2013
    Conversation with Director of Winemaking and Vineyard Operations and General Manager Jennifer Marion of Anaba Wines
  • Show 332: Wines of the West Sonoma Coast July 22, 2013
    An in-studio tasting and discussion of the wines of the West Sonoma Coast.
  • Show 331: Meet Soliste Cellars with Claude Koeberle July 17, 2013
    A lively discussion with noted chef and winery owner Claude Koeberle.
  • Show 327: Go West Young Man - with Jean-Charles Boisset June 7, 2013
    A conversation with Jean-Charles Boisset, President of Boisset Family Estates.
  • 2012 Pinot Days, Producer Interviews - Part 3 May 15, 2013
    Interviews with Brian Vais of Baliwick, Clare Carver of Big Table Farm, Chad Richard of Furthermore, Jon Grant of Couloir, and Trey Fletcher of Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills vineyards.
  • Show 316: 2012 World of Pinot Noir - It's The People Feb. 8, 2013
    Conversations with winemaker Kerith Overstreet of Bruliam Wines, Joe Wagner of Belle Glos and Meiomi, and Karen Steinwachs, President of the Board of Directors for the 2012 World of Pinot Noir.
  • Show 315: 2012 World of Pinot Noir Seminar - Natural Winemaking Feb. 4, 2013
    A controversial subject explored by panelists Bradley Brown (Big Basin Vineyards), Peter Cargasacchi (Cargasacchi Vineyards), Nathan Kandler (Thomas Fogarty Winery), Joe Wright (Left Coast Cellars), Scott Kelley (Estancia), Brian Maloney (DeLoach), author Alice Feiring, and Clark Smith (founder of Vinovation and WineSmith Wines).
  • Show 314: 2012 World of Pinot Noir Seminar - The Cube Project, Technique vs. Terroir Jan. 29, 2013
    Three winemakers, two in California and one in Oregon, split 6 tons of fruit equally among themselves from each others' vineyards. Each winemaker would then produce a wine in their preferred manner from their own grapes and the grapes from the other two sources. The project will extend over three vintages. Over time, the influence of winemaking versus terroir will be explored. Thomas Houseman (Anne Amie), Andrew Brooks (Bouchaine) and Leslie Mead Renaud (Lincourt) participated, moderated by Rusty Gaffney
  • Show 313: Pinot Days 2012 Producer Interviews Jan. 20, 2013
    Conversations with Gavin Joll of White Rose Estate, Ernie Pinbk of Amalie Robert Estate, Anne Moeller-Racke of The Donum Estate, and Kent Humphrey of Eric Kent Wines.
  • Show 312: Pinot Days 2012 Producer Interviews Part 1 Jan. 8, 2013
    Conversations with winemaker Ed Kurtzman of August West, Theresa Heredia of Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery, Peter Young of Grey Stack Cellars, Nicole Bacigalupi of Bacigalupi Vineyards, and Bill Sweat of Winderlea.
  • Show 308: Life with Maggie - Part 2 Aug. 17, 2012
    A followup conversation with Maggie Harrison, the winemaker for Oregon's Antica Terra and her personal label, Lillian. Our last interview was about 3 years ago after she had just left Sine Qua Non and embarked on her new venture as a proprietor and winemaker for Antica Terra.
  • Show 305: Maison Joseph Drouhin with Laurent Drouhin July 6, 2012
    A conversation with Laurent Drouhin, talking about family tradition and wine.Robert and Francoise Drouhin's four children, Philippe, Veronique, Laurent and Frederic run Maison Joseph Drouhin now. Laurent is the Director of U.S. sales.
  • Show 300: World of Pinot Noir Winemaker Interviews Feb. 9, 2012
    Familiar and unfamiliar (newer) winemakers of Pinot Noir are interviewed at the 2011 World of Pinot Noir.
  • Show 298: Alcohol vs Balance - 2011 World of Pinot Noir Seminar Jan. 9, 2012
    Jim Clendenen (Au Bon Climat), Adam Tolmach (The Ojai Vineyard), Josh Jensen (Calera Wine Co), Rajat Parr (sommelier), Adam Lee (Siduri) and Michael Browne (Kosta Browne) made up the panel moderated by New York Times wine columnist Eric Asimov.
  • Show 296: Conversation with Louis-Fabrice Latour, President of Maison Louis Latour Dec. 6, 2011
    Openly frank session with Louis-Fabrice, covering topics such as his family legacy, the role of negociants in Burgundy, vintages in Burgundy, and the current state of Burgundy exports to the United States. 2004 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne and 2009 Louis Latour Marsannay are sampled during the conversation.
  • Show 294: The Rigorous Life of a Wine Critic: Josh Raynolds Oct. 4, 2011
    Discussion with Josh Raynolds, the Assistant Editor of Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar, about his job description and life on the road as a wine critic.
  • Show 286: Young Burgundian Vignerons Visit World of Pinot Noir 2011 April 27, 2011
    Casual conversation with Alexandrine Roy and Thomas Bouley, participants in the "Young Turks of Burgundy" tasting and seminar at the World of Pinot Noir.
  • Show 282: First Sideways - Now Vertical Feb. 19, 2011
    Conversation with author Rex Pickett about his new novel, Vertical.
  • Show 276: 20 years of Williams Selyem-Part 2 Nov. 15, 2010
    Part 2 featuring the "Bob" years - the wines of Bob Cabral
  • Show 275: 20 Years of Williams Selyem-Part 1 Nov. 9, 2010
    Retrospective Tasting of 20 years of Williams Selyem Pinot Noir at 2010 WOPN. Part 1 features the "Burt" years - the wines of Burt Williams
  • Show 274: The Wines of C.P. Lin - Mountford Estate Nov. 1, 2010
    Conversation in studio with the world's only blind winemaker, C.P. Lin.
  • Show 273: Tasting 2008 Oregon Pinot Noir Oct. 15, 2010
    Grape Radio crew tastes five top 2008 Oregon Pinot Noirs and discuss the 2008 vintage in Oregon. Includes 16 questions on Oregon Pinot Noir to test your Noiregon IQ.
  • Show 272: Wine, the Web, and Jancis Robinson Sept. 21, 2010
    Conversation with Jancis about wine, her career and the impact of the web on dissemination of wine knowledge.
  • Show 264: One Up April 7, 2010
    The Grape Radio crew discusses "one up manship" among wine geeks.
  • Show 260: The Wines of Shea Wine Cellars - A Tasting Review Feb. 15, 2010
    The lineup of 2007 Pinot Noirs from Shea Wine Cellars are tasted and discussed in studio.
  • Show 259: Bitten by the Wine Bug Feb. 7, 2010
    A conversation with Shane Finley of SPELL Wines and assistant winemaker at Kosta Browne.
  • Show 256 The World of Wine in 2009 Dec. 21, 2009
    Round-table discussion of wine trends in 2009
  • Show 253B 2009 Pinot Days - Seminar 1 - Part 2 Nov. 30, 2009
    Pinot Days San Francisco. Focus tastings moderated by the Prince. Pisoni Vineyard with Gary Pisoni and Clos Pepe Vineyard with Wes Hagen. Winemakers speaking include Jeff Pisoni (Pisoni Vineyard), Jeff Fink (Tantara), Rob Jensen (Testarossa), Joe Davis (Arcadian), Ryan Zepaltas (Siduri), Scott Shapley and (Roessler).
  • Show 253A 2009 Pinot Days - Seminar 1 - Part 1 Nov. 23, 2009
    Pinot Days San Francisco. Focus tastings moderated by the Prince. Hirsch Vineyard with David Hirsch and Keefer Ranch with Marcy Keefer. Winemakers and representatives speaking include Bob Cabral (Williams Selyem), Kathy Berez (Failla), Kevin Kelley (LIOCO), Ryan Zepaltas (Siduri), and Craig Strehlow (Keefer Ranch).
  • Show 232: Life with Maggie (Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra Winery in Oregon) Feb. 2, 2009
    Let’s assume you’ve worked with Manfred Krankl at Sine Qua Non for the last eight years. What could you possibly do for an encore? Well, if you’re Maggie Harrison, you would become part of a venture to work with Oregon Pinot Noir. And then, you’d get to work on your own label as well. Join us as we talk with Maggie Harrison, about her past experiences with the iconic SQN, and her current projects in Oregon and with California Syrah.
  • Show 230: Where's the Balance in Wine Price and Value? Jan. 19, 2009
    Wine prices – can there be a more contentious subject among wine lovers? We all know wine prices have been going up for many years now, but then again, most other consumer goods have as well. And, with relatively few exceptions, most of us have been paying these increases – some of which have been mildly incremental, while others have been quite significant – all in order to keep ourselves on a mailing list, build a cellar, or maintain a vertical of our favorite wines. The question then becomes, at what point does the wine’s price exceed its perceived value to each of us?
  • Show 228: The Boys of John Ash & Co: An Interview with Dan Kosta Jan. 5, 2009
    The Santa Rosa restaurant, John Ash & Co., has played a little known but remarkably important role in the history of Sonoma County wine. John Ash & Co. was known for spawning numerous innovative and progressive wine trends that have since become commonplace in restaurants today. Restaurant wine-by-the-glass service originated in California at John Ash & Co., and organized blind tastings of wines and creatively themed wine dinners emphasizing food and wine pairings were first popularized at the restaurant. John Ash & Co. was among the first restaurants to have a wine bar and an associated retail wine store.

    Listen to Dan Kosta, a former Wine Director at John Ash & Co. talk about his experiences that led up to him co-founding Kosta Browne with Michael Browne, another former John Ash & Co. employee.

  • John Haeger and Pinot Noir Oct. 13, 2008
    Every fan of Pinot Noir will undoubtedly know the name of John Haeger. As author of the highly acclaimed “North American Pinot Noir,” John literally wrote the book on the fascinating history and evolution of Burgundy’s illustrious grape variety here in the United States. John’s academic approach to both the research and the writing created an instant hit and a must-have treatise for most wine lovers. But, more than anything, it was destined to become THE book for domestic Pinot fanatics. Of course, its appearance at booksellers just months before release of the movie “Sideways” didn’t hurt sales either. Now, four years later John Haeger has written another wine book, “Pacific Pinot Noir.”
  • Show 195 Shadow Stevens and the Wines of Scott Paul March 31, 2008
    Scott Paul Wines is a boutique winery dedicated to producing ultra-premium Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Proprietor and winemaker, Scott Paul Wright, came to winemaking as a second career. For thirty years, he had a career in the radio and music industries. As a disc jockey, his handle was “Shadow Stevens” and those of you from the East Coast remember him well. His financial success in the music world allowed him to cellar and drink good wine from an early age. As the music business became more and more a corporate-driven industry, Scott lost interest in continuing in that field, and left to learn winemaking.
  • Show 193 The Prince of Pinot and the 2007 IPNC March 17, 2008
    Starting in 1987, the International Pinot Noir Celebration is held annually in McMinnville, Oregon, on the beautiful grounds of Linfield College. Arguably the benchmark in Pinot Noir festivals, this brings in participating wineries from Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, and of course the U.S. Join Rusty Gaffney, “The Prince of Pinot” as he interviews Sheila Nicholas, Anam Cara Cellars; Terry Brandborg, Brandborg Vineyards and Winery; David Croix, Maison Camille Giroud; Frank Ostini, Hitching Post II; Dr Edwin Irish, Salud; George Riedel, Riedel Wine Glass Company.
  • Show 192 2007 Pinot Days: Part I March 10, 2008
    The 3rd annual Pinot Days, held in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Event Center, showcases some of the finest artisans making Pinot today. Organizers Steve and Lisa Rigisich and Eric and Teri White continue to tweak this event, and with blind tastings, grand tastings and seminars, it is one of the must-attend Pinot Noir festivals during the year. Interviews include: Kevin Hamel - Pellegrini Family Vineyards/Hamel Wines (Russian River Valley); Kathleen Inman - Inman Family Wines (Russian River Valley); Mike Sullivan - Benovia Winery (Russian River Valley); Rod Berglund - Joseph Swan (Russian River Valley); Anthony Filiberti - Anthill Farms Winery (Russian River Valley); Kent Humphrey - Eric Kent Wines (Russian River Valley); David Dain - Dain Wines (Russian River Valley - Crushpad); Bob Ruskin - Lost Canyon Winery (Oakland)
  • Show 187 Burgundy and the World of Pinot Noir Feb. 4, 2008
    If you are into Pinot Noir, seminars on the subject are almost always interesting. But, what really gets all of the pinophiles attention and turns them into Burg-heads, is the opportunity to hear more about the Holy Grail of Pinot Noir - Burgundy. Join us as we listen to Allen Meadows take us on a journey to Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue and Domaine Michel Gros, as he discusses the 1996, 1999, and 2000 vintages with these two iconic producers.
  • Show 185 Wines of Frederic Magnien Jan. 14, 2008
    Frederic Magnien always felt destined to follow in his father’s footsteps - indeed, he is the 5th generation in his family to farm vineyards or make wine in Burgundy’s Morey-St-Denis. As winemaker for both his father’s label (Domaine Michel Magnien) as well as his own négoce wines (Maison Frederic Magnien), Frederic approaches both vineyard management and winemaking with an obvious zeal.
  • Show 181 Wine Tasting with Shea Vineyards Dec. 17, 2007
    With friends and families gathering this time of year, plus a multitude of holiday parties, what better time to open several bottles of wine and organize your own wine tasting. With this in mind, the GrapeRadio bunch got together to assess 10 wines in a slightly formalized setting. In this case, “formalized” meant a sit-down tasting of specific wines, as opposed to the normal party atmosphere of sipping wine while wandering among guests.
  • Show 180 Your New Years Wine Resolution Dec. 10, 2007
    As this year draws to a close, it is almost time to make those New Years’ Resolutions. How many of your resolutions are wine-related? Have you made made resolutions before? Were you able to keep them, or did you just give up? The GrapeRadio bunch discuss past successes and failures to live up to Wine Resolutions, and share their own resolutions for the upcoming year.
  • Show 179 Global Warming and Wine Dec. 2, 2007
    Global Warming – what does this portend for wine growers, wine makers and consumers? What adaptive changes will need to be made in existing wine regions as global temperatures increase? Will wine growing need to be relocated in cooler regions?
  • Show 178 The Pioneers of Pinot Noir Nov. 26, 2007
    The word Legend seems to get tossed around quite a bit. But, in this case that word seems more than apt. Considered true legends of Pinot Noir (as well as Pied Pipers for the variety on the West Coast), these 4 gentlemen almost single-handedly started the New World Pinot Noir revolution. Join us as we listen to 4 pinot pioneers: Richard Sanford, Josh Jensen, Larry Hyde, and David Hirsch, as they discuss the early roots of their respective vineyards of Pinot Noir in California, and we hear about the trials and tribulations of this “Heartbreak Grape.” Moderated by the James Beard Award Winner - Anthony Dias Blue.
  • Show 171 If You Could Wave a Magic Wand Oct. 7, 2007
    What if you could wave a magic wand and change something about the world of wine? What would it be - affordable wine, no ratings, more ratings? Abolish scores? Abolish corks? GrapeRadio discusses a few of the impossible changes we would love to see.
  • Show 168 2007 World of Pinot Noir Part 3 Sept. 17, 2007
    In this installment from the World of Pinot Noir, we talk with more people about the event and what makes Pinot so special. Join us, as we hear from attendee Mark Sutherland, and from Kiwis, Dean Shaw (Two Paddocks) and Penny Loving (Central Otago’s Station Imports) about what’s happening with New Zealand’s Pinot Noir, and from Mike Sinor (formerly of Domaine Alfred; now with Sinor-LaVallee), and Paul Wilkins (Alta Maria, Native 9) about their beginnings and their love of Pinot Noir.
  • Show 167 2007 World of Pinot Noir Part 2 Sept. 10, 2007
    We’re back with more of our coverage of the World of Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir Winemakers seem somehow different from their brethren. Often working both global hemispheres for the practical experience and training, these winemakers seem destined from the outset to work with the “heartbreak grape.” You have to wonder if they select the grape, or if the grape selects them. Whichever it is, they are a passionate bunch (no pun intended).
  • Show 166 2007 World of Pinot Noir Part 1 Sept. 3, 2007
    Noted author John Winthrop Haeger’s book, North American Pinot Noir, is arguably the only book you need to read if you’re really interested in expanding your knowledge of Pinot Noir. Exhaustive, comprehensive, and filled with reference materials, this scholarly book will quench the thirst of wine neophytes and die-hard Pinotphiles alike. John brings the same passion to his speaking engagements, and has been giving the opening seminar at World of Pinot Noir for a few years now. Yet, he never fails to leave the audience with some missing pieces to the Pinot puzzle - little gems that you didn’t already know.
  • Show 163 Wine Ratings Aug. 13, 2007
    Wine reviews, wine ratings, wine scores - how do all of these affect the marketplace? What is gained or lost when a winery is reviewed in the media? Is scoring just another marketing scheme, or is there some tangible value to ratings? How do you give objective scores to something as subjective as wine?
  • Show 161 2007 International Pinot Noir Celebration Aug. 2, 2007
    The International Pinot Noir Celebration is rightfully considered the benchmark in Pinot Noir festivals. Beginning in 1987, this event is held annually in McMinnville, Oregon, on the beautiful grounds of Linfield College. With participating wineries from Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, and of course the U.S., and seminars, winemaker discussion panels, bus tours, lunches and dinners - this a full immersion into the international world of Pinot Noir.
  • Show 160 Ted Lemon and the Wines of Littorai July 30, 2007
    To many wine lovers, the names Littorai and Pinot Noir are synonymous. And, if there could be any truth to California Pinot Noir having a French Connection, Littorai would likely have first claim to the title.
  • Show 155 A Review of Health Benefits of Wine July 2, 2007
    The esteemed author of the French Paradox, researcher Serge Renaud, PhD, has said, “There is no other drug that is so efficient at preventing heart disease as moderate intake of alcohol.” A corollary to the French Paradox is the “American Paradox.” We have spent billions in this country to match and surpass the French in health success. But we have failed miserably because our focus is on intervention rather than prevention and we have a persistent theme in this country that alcohol consumption of any kind is a dreaded and unwelcome threat to our well being.
  • Show 149 2007 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival May 25, 2007
    The 10th Annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival was held May 18-20, 2007. 34 wineries either located in the Anderson Valley or that source fruit from the Anderson Valley participated. The pastoral Anderson Valley is acclaimed internationally for classic still wines including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer as well as sparkling wines.
  • Show 105 2006 International Pinot Noir Festival Aug. 14, 2006
    Today we are joined by Rusty Gaffney, The Prince of Pinot, who recently attended the 2006 IPNC which has been refered to as one of the world's finest wine events. Rusty takes us on a tour of the event and even gives a few recommendations on “must have” Pinot Noir’s.
  • Show 92 2006 World of Pinot Noir Part 3 June 12, 2006
    The 3rd annual Pinot Days, held in San Francisco’s Fort Mason Event Center, showcases some of the finest artisans making Pinot today. Organizers Steve and Lisa Rigisich and Eric and Teri White continue to tweak this event, and with blind tastings, grand tastings and seminars, it is one of the must-attend Pinot Noir festivals during the year.
  • Show 91 2006 World of Pinot Noir Part 2 June 8, 2006
    Dan Kosta and Michael Browne of Kosta Browne Winery. This is the second of a three part series covering the wine show: World of Pinot Noir. Todays guests include Dan Kosta and Michael Browne of Kosta Browne Winery one of the industries hottest Pinot Noir producers. Our second guest is Rusty Gaffney AKA “The Prince of Pinot”. Rusty is the publisher of “The PinotFile” a unique free weekly online newsletter dedicated to Pinot Noir featuring winery and winemaker profiles, Pinot Noir releases and reviews, and insider’s information for acquiring artisanal Pinot Noirs.
  • Show 90 2006 World of Pinot Noir Part 1 May 29, 2006
    This is the first of a three part series covering the wine show: World of Pinot Noir. Our guest today is Vineyard Manager, Owner and Wine Maker, James Ontiveros. James is well know in the Central Coast for his work at the famed “Bien Nacido Vineyards” as well as his own family vineyard “Rancho Ontiveros”. Today James talks about his families long history in California dating back hundreds of years and his own exciting new label “Native 9."

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