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Pinot Noir Plantings in Major Pinotcentric Regions of the World

Accurate and up-to-date statistics on Pinot Noir plantings are not easy to come by. Here are some of the latest figures I was able to discover including data from The Wine Economics Research Center at The University of Adelaide that released the database of global wine grape bearing areas by variety in 2010. Acreage reporting in California is voluntary so the data is not extremely accurate and reported new planting acreage is not in line with nursery sales of vines.

The first charts be low are ones I compiled from the most recent data I could obtain.

The second charts are from The University of Adelaide. Their data shows the Republic of Moldova to be the third largest grower in national area of Pinot Noir in the world in 2010. For those who have no clue where Moldova is, there is a map below. For the full database visit the website: winegrapes/. An e-book can be freely downloaded:

For Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Chehalem Mountains - 1,600 acres, Ribbon Ridge - 500 acres, Dundee Hills - 1,700 acres, Yamhill-Carlton District - 1,200 acres, Eola-Amity Hills - 1,300 acres, and McMinnville - 600 acres.

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