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Oregon Invaded By Wine Aliens

Oregon must feel under attack as prime vineyard property continues to be acquired by California companies. I reported in Issue 31 that The Evening Lands (TEL) based in California acquired a long-term lease for the Seven Springs and Anden Vineyards and may purchase the vineyards eventually. Vintage Wine Trust Inc., a real estate investment trust focused solely only on the wine and vineyard industry, recently acquired the 45-acre Farmer Road Vineyard in the Willamette Valley for $1.27 million. The vineyard is leased to A to Z Wineworks (owned by Bill Hatcher and Sam Tannahill), the largest wine producer in Oregon. Vintage Wine Trust Inc. acquires vineyard properties and then leases them to sellers or third parties. Currently, they own two winery facilities with vineyards and control 5,329 net vine acres, located primarily in California. They plan to further expand their vineyard holdings in Oregon in the future. The scramble for prime vineyard land (see article on Premier Pacific in this issue), particularly locations ideal for Pinot Noir, will continue to intensify in Oregon as well as California.

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