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Food for Thought

Some of the Aussies are rather sensitive about eating kangaroo, their national pet, who is displayed along with the emu on the country’s coat of arms. They liken it to us savoring the bald eagle or the bison who was emblazoned on our nickel for many years. We, however, need have no reservations about eating kangaroo and I must say, it is delicious, tasting much like other lean beefy meats such as venison. In this day and age, where every type of food imaginable is now available in the United States, there are no sacred cows except foie gras (French for fat liver). Last year in Chicago, foie gras was banned from city restaurants. In California, foie gras has not been banned, but the force-feeding of ducks or geese employed commercially to fatten their livers is to be outlawed after 2012 on the grounds that it was an inhumane practice.

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