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NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

I do not usually endorse wine related items but after evaluating this unit for NewAir, I felt it was worthy of your interest. The NewAir AW-180E thermoelectric wine cooler is sleek in design, has five chrome-plated shelves and holds 18 standard bottles of wine. Temperature is controlled by push buttons on the front and the temperature is digitally displayed. An interior blue LED light adds a dramatic effect to display the wine collection inside. Because it uses no ozone-depleting chemicals, the unit is ecologically friendly and with few moving parts, there is minimal vibration. Operation is continuous but very quiet. The unit is light in weight and can easily be moved around the house. It will fit nicely under a counter. Similar, but larger NewAir coolers are offered that hold 28 and 32 bottles. The largest unit has two independently controlled temperature zones.

My only complaint with this unit is the same grip I have with my own 700-bottle Vinotheque wine cooler: large Pinot Noir bottles and Champagne bottles either do not fit into the racking, or if forced into the racking, rip the labels apart. The NewAir unit does accommodate half bottles, which fall through the racking I have on the Vinotheque cooler.

The NewAir AW-180E unit pictured is offered by Air & Water Inc., and is priced at $145.99, but you can save $10 by entering the Discount Code ANW100 at the website, by September 30, 2010.

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