NV Godmé Grand Cru Blanc de Noir

The Godmé family has been producing Grand Cru Champagne since 1830. Today the winemaking is a family affair with the younger generation of husbands and wives working as a team. They own 27.6 acres in five villages in the Montagne de Reims area. The average vineyard age is 25 years. Two parcels are over 50 years old. The Godmés subscribe to culture raisonnée in the vineyards. 100% Pinot Noir, Montagne de Reims. · Strawberry and anise notes in the nose. Dry, rich, and potent with plenty of power and minerality. Reviewed August 6, 2007

Winery: Godmé
From article: IPNC: Continuing Ed in Pinot Noirvana