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Kalin Cellars Correction

In Volume 6, Issue 37 of the PinotFile, I wrote a feature on Kalin Cellars. Regretfully, there was some misinformation that I would like to rectify.

Terrance Leighton is in his early 60s (not 70s as stated) and still actively producing wine at Kalin Cellars. The 2007 vintage is fermenting at this time in Cuves. The 2005 vintage was bottled in January of this year. Happily, he plans on producing wine for many more years.

Kalin Bourgogne is produced in very limited quantities and is offered to a small select group of “Kalinites,” wine specialists, and restaurants. The currently available vintage is 1999. If you have interest in this or any other Kalin wines, send an e-mail to tjl@ix.netcom attention Terrance Leighton.

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