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Composing the PinotFile

Anyone out there guess how much time it takes to compose each issue of the PinotFile? 8 hours, 16 hours, 32 hours. Wrong!! How about 45 hours minimum ($1.29 an hour). Hey, what gives, this is a full-time job and I am supposed to be retired.

Step 1: Taste many wines, including both marginal examples of Pinot Noir and incredible Pinot Noir.
Step 2: Re-taste bottles that appeared to be off or bad.
Step 3: Track down information on the wines when submissions have no accompanying wine information.
Step 4: Research information that make articles on Pinot Noir relevant. Thank God for the internet.
Step 5: Fend off the attacks from my wife that I am spending too much time on the computer.
Step 6: Track down worthwhile images to “color” the issue.
Step 7: Fend off the attacks from my wife that I am spending too much time on the computer.
Step 8: Peruse the internet, publications, emails and more for the latest Pinot events, happenings and news about Pinot Noir for the Pinot Briefs feature.
Step 9: Compose the PinotFile
Step 10: Edit the PinotFile at least twice.
Step 11: Send the PinotFile to my son, Dane, for posting on the website. He has a life, so I have to appease him as well.
Step 12: Re-edit the PinotFile after it is posted for my viewing only.
Step 13: Send out notification to subscribers that the latest issue is posted online.
Step 14: Weed out those who unsubscribe or are undeliverable.
Step 15: Respond to those who are nice enough to comment about the latest issue.
Step 16: Take my wife out to dinner to appease her about my spending too much time on the computer.
Step 17: Dream of features and themes for the next issue.
Step 18: Gather wines from submissions and retail sources and review them for featured tastings in the next issue.
Step 19: Get down on my knees and give homage to my humble privilege to be able to taste the best Pinot Noir that California and Oregon has to offer.
Step 20: Resume appeasing my wife for spending too much time on the computer.

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