August 6, 2007

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Wine Boot Camps

Affairs of the Vine’s highest ranking officer, Major Barbara Drady, will be conducting three Wine Boot Camps this summer. These day-long immersions in the vineyard and winemaking are perfect for everyone with an interest in wine.

Napa Valley - August 11, 2007. Work in the vineyard at Gargiulo Vineyards and blend wine with Judd Finkelstein at Judd’s Hill Microcrush. The Gargiulo Vineyard, situated on the eastern side of Oakville, is one of the most beautiful sites anywhere in the world. Judd’s Hill Microcrush is an artisanal family winery that allows wine enthusiasts to make their own wine in small lots (as little as one barrel) without having to own a winery.

Santa Barbara County - Santa Maria Valley - August 25, 2007. Work in the famed Bien Nacido Vineyard with Chris Hammell, vineyard manager. Work at the Tantara Winery located at Bien Nacido with owner and winemaker Jeff Fink.

Harvest Wine Boot Camp - September 15, 2007. Join a select group of recruits in the southern foothills of the Sonoma Valley harvesting grapes with Ramona Nicholson. Then join the Michael Mondavi family at their new facility, Folio Winemakers’ Studio, the home to Oberon, I’M, Medusa and Spellbound. Work along side the Director of Winemaking, Tony Coltrin, to blend your own wine.

To enlist or for more information, consult the website at www.affairsofthevine.com or phone Major Barbara Drady at 707-874-1975. A Wine Boot Camp video can be viewed on the website. The cost is $475 per person.

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