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List of Wine-Related Things That Need to be “De-Invented”

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about a short list of things that desperately need to be ‘de-invented” got me to thinking about things in the world of wine that should have never been invented.

1 Wax capsules

2 Heavy bottles

3 Pinot Noir in cans and boxes

4 The term ‘terroir’ - this word belongs to the French and it should stay in France

5 The term ‘minerality’- the most ambiguous and poorly defined term used in wine descriptions

6 Wine competitions - a supposed standard of objectivity that is totally unfounded

7 100-point wines - wine writers need to admit that perfection in wine is not attainable

8 Cheap Pinot Noir

9 Wine preservation systems - can’t we just stick a cork in it and finish the bottle the next day?

10 Pinot Noir Blanc - a slutty form of Pinot Noir

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