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Burghound’s First 100 Point Wine Rumored

Allen Meadows (aka Burghound) is one of the world’s authorities on Burgundy. He is known to be stingy with scores above 94. His Burghound newsletter ( provides extensive notes on Burgundies that most of us can only dream about tasting.

The 1945 Domaine Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti is a legendary red Burgundy. Allen often points out that while only 608 bottles of this wine were produced, over 40,000 bottles have claimed to have been drunk! He also points out that “La Tache comes to you and seduces you, Romanee-Conti makes you come to it; it doesn’t care.”

John Kapon of Acker-Merrill-Condit wine auctioneers and retailers in New York, also tastes many older vintages of Burgundy, as part of his “job” of insuring older bottles of Burgundy to be auctioned are pristine. He has drunk the 1945 DRC Romanee-Conti and claims it is the “best wine that I have ever had.”

In New York City recently, a Romanee-Conti tasting was held over four days, and Aubert de Villaine was in attendance. John Kapon reports that the older vintages of this wine showed extremely well. There were rumors being spread through the City after this event that the 1945 DRC Romanee-Conti was the Burghound’s first 100 point wine.

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