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Prince is “Semi-Retired”

I “retired” on August 1, 2019, after publishing the PinotFile for 18+ years. I had become overwhelmed by the increasing number of wines submitted for review. I wanted to slow down and spend more time drinking rather than critically tasting Pinot Noir.

In early 2020, failing to find someone suitable to take over the PinotFile, still inspired by my interest in Pinot Noir and spurred on by readers’ encouragement, I began composing less frequent issues of the PinotFile that included specially focused subjects of special interest to me written in detail, along with reviews of Pinot Noir wines submitted by wineries that did not realize I had “retired,” and reviews of Pinot Noir wines that stood out to me that I had drunk.

Now I am “semi-retired”, work at a leisurely pace, and accept a limited number of Pinot Noir wines for review only by invitation. This has caused some confusion among wineries wishing to submit their wines for review since I continue to review some wines. If an interested winery emails me an inquiry (, I will let them know if and when a window for wine submission arises. I only review Pinot Noir now.

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