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Pinot Noir in Restaurants

According to a recent Wine & Spirits (April, 2007) poll, Pinot Noir is now the second most popular variety in restaurants, surpassing Chardonnay, and second only to Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1996, Pinot Noir sales made up 5% of the top-selling wines; in 2006, Pinot Noir accounted for 15% of sales of topselling wines. The average price for restaurant Pinot Noir from America was $64.20, from France $95.52, and from New Zealand $59.37.

For the third year in a row, Merry Edwards was the most popular restaurant Pinot Noir. The remainder of the top ten were La Crema, Flowers, David Bruce and Rex Hill Vineyards, Saintsbury, Argyle, Au Bon Climat, Bethel Heights Vineyard, and A to Z.

The top Pinot Noirs by the glass with average prices were Castle Rock Monterey ($8.53), Kenwood Russian River Valley ($9.64), Estancia Estates Monterey ($9.17), and Chalone Vineyard ($9.75).

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