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Notable Old Vine Wine Quotes

“They just give excellent quality, regardless of vintage challenges. Drought resistance in dry years, bloat resistance in wet harvests.” Jason Lett, The Eyrie Vineyards

“Older vines equal a better perspective on how to farm and make wine….The true genius of working with an older block of grapes is that there is rich, historical winegrowing knowledge about the site, and that can translate into better quality wine." Alex Sokol Blosser, Sokol Blosser Winery

“The longer I make wine, the higher value I place on vine age. Whether close or widely spaced, despite the clone in most cases, regardless of trellis in most cases, we see complexity and depth from vine age that cannot be duplicated in young vineyards."Ken Wright, Ken Wright Cellars

“For me, a vine seems to enter its prime around twenty-five to thirty years of age. Young vines can certainly express terroir, but the expression is perhaps not as strong, not as consistent, and usually, there is something that falls a little short on the texture front." Jeremy Seyses, Domaine Dujac

“Old vine wines are a history lesson in a glass.” Cassandra Felix, Brendel Wines

“Heritage old vines crack open the cultural, agricultural and human heart of wine, connecting the humanity, nature and qualities of a wine effortlessly with what is in the glass.” Sarah Abbott MW

“If old vineyards did not produce great wines, they would have been replaced long ago.” Bruce Tyrrell, Tyrrell’s Wines of Australia

“Old vines know better. There’s something special about them that winemakers love. They tend to self-regulate.” Eric Lavmann, Cambiata Winery

“The grapes of old vines are deeper and higher quality. More intense and persistent both in smell and mouth.” Massimilino Calabretta, Calabretta Winery

“For whatever reason, wines made from old vines often tend to be complete on their own, well-balanced and satisfying. That said, I don’t believe that a vine needs to be old to make a compelling wine.” Eva Dehlinger, Dehlinger Winery

“What is special to me about the old vine wines is broader than just the wine in the glass. It is the context and history of the old vines that are so important. I’m moved just thinking about all the seasons that the vines have lived through, all the people who have cared for them, and all the vintages they have offered us fruit.” Eva Dehlinger, Dehlinger Winery

“Older vines have larger carbohydrate reserves in the trunk and root system that ensure a better start to the growing season. Older vines also have a better natural balance with modest vigor in the canopy and modest crop levels.” Jamie Goode, wine journalist

“For those vines that still produce high-quality fruit, the results can reveal something magical. I truly do think that these old vines make a really special, complex wine.” Mellisa Burr, Stoller Estate

“Old vines are rightly prized. But ultimately, once a vine has passed its vigorous youth and has established a decent root system, the main factor is place. Some terroirs are simply better than others.” Jamie Goode

“If you have a choice between an old vine Pinot Noir and a young vine Pinot Noir, chose the young vine if you want exuberant fruit prowess, but chose the old vine if you want a more educated wine with nuance, discrete fruit richness, a polished texture, savoriness, and a long finish.” Rusty Gaffney, the PinotFile

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