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Traveling in Santa Cruz Mountains

If you plan to travel and visit some of the wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains, some sage advice is offered. Leave your nice clothes at home. The maps of the area often show the roads as straight lines - be forewarned - the roads are one or two narrow lanes and zig-zag like crazy. If you think you can drive from point A to point B in 30 minutes, allow one hour. Turn off your navigation system, it will not be accurate. Signage to wineries is almost nonexistent (the locals won’t allow it and often remove any signage that is posted). A four-wheel drive vehicle is always a good idea. Only plan on visiting two wineries, maybe three, a day as you will inevitably be delayed on the road, miss a turn, or become hopelessly lost. And remember, your cell phone will probably be of no value. Despite the challenges, you will find your excursion a memorable escapade that will be well rewarded by a warm welcome upon your arrival. Chill out, smile, and enjoy the vistas. This is one of the few remaining wine country outposts where you will never see a limousine and the tasting room staff will actually be happy to see you. It is an adventure well-taken.
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