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Wine Terms from the Urban Slang Dictionary

Wine candy: another name for Jolly Ranchers.

Wine spritzer: when you pee a little under your undies, usually from laughter.

Wine rack: a young female, who while currently unimbibable, will within a matter of years be ripe for the ‘plucking.’

Winegasm: that feeling of euphoric glee at finding a bottle of wine that is being sought for special brand name, vintage, or even price.

Wine spodiodie: from the song, “Drinkin’ wine spode-o-dee” by Jerry Lee Lewis and others. A shot that has a layer of Port on the bottom, then a layer of cheap bourbon, finished on top by another layer of Port.

Wine-puss: one who constantly whines.

Wine: a form of dance, involves gyration of hips, performed to mainly West Indian music like reggae, calypso.

Cork dork: a person who talks about wine too seriously.

Merlot sippers: intellectually lazy, college-educated adults who entertain each other with pseudo-intellectual banter.

Merloment: a minute portion of time where your judgment was affected by the consumption of too much wine.

MerJoe: pronounced “Merlot” - a cheap wine one would get at Trader Joe’s supermarket.

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