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A Short History of Wine

The time and place of wine’s discovery by mankind are lost in the obscurity of perhaps a hundred centuries. It may have happened in pre-historic Persia; or perhaps on the slopes of Mt. Ararat, where, as the Old Testament tells us, Noah landed, and under his covenant from Yahweh was inspired to become a winegrower. He enjoyed his wine, and as you know, his years on this earth were nine hundred and fifty.

Physicians have been prescribing wine - as we know from records in ancient Canaan and Cairo - for at least 5,000 years. And the immortals of healing, too, knew the wisdom of wine in therapy including Imhotep of Egypt and Apollo of Greece and Rome, Asclepius and his daughters Hygieia and Panacea in whose names the Oath of Hippocrates was sworn; not to mention such wine wise immortals as Moses, Hippocrates, Aristotle, Galen, Leonardo da Vinci, Fracastoro, Paracelsus, Vesalius, Harvey, Jenner, Florence Nightingale, Pasteur, Lister, Osler, and Randall Grahm.

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