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Geri Tashjian of The Burgundy Wine Company in New York City, a knowledgeable source for Burgundy and Burgundy tasting events wrote the following in a recent newsletter ( to join the e-mail newsletter list):

“I have never been a champion spitter, in fact, it took me a long time to get comfortable with the practice. I would dribble, drool and dither around the spit bucket wishing for invisibility. I was happy when I didn’t spit on my shoes. I was so awkward, a friend once tried to teach me how to spit. On reflection, that was silly. There wasn’t much to learn - I just had to get the wine out of my mouth. I’ve noticed I am not alone and alot of people find it awkward to spit. It’s not just the act of spitting, it’s also the “how” of spitting. And the “how” is quite simple. You don’t need a special technique, great aim or ability to shoot for distance. Just position yourself close to the bucket - pucker and spit. Believe me, no one will be critiquing your style, because who really wants to watch someone spit.” I can add that you might consider practicing at home with water.

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