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More on Screw Caps

Dean Linebarger writes that he was in Burgundy earlier this year and while visiting Patrice Rion, noted that screw caps were being used for some of his white wines and his Bourgogne Rouge. The screw caps he is using are a new technology which allow a slight amount of breathing similar to a cork. Rion noted that his screw cap wines always sell much faster than the same wine with corks.

Mark Wills sent a screw cap alert from Australia. Rumor at the Barossa Valley Wine Show was that Penfolds is going to bottle Grange under Stelvin from the 2006 vintage onwards. He also noted that he has some Nicholas Laroche Chablis L’Obedience (close to his top bottling) from the 2002 vintage under screw cap.

I could never figure out a suitable use for the thousands of corks I have saved. Now what am I going to do with all of these screw caps? Help!

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