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The Top Catchy Wine Words of 2006

Brand sluts: consumers who jump from one wine brand to another with no loyalty

Label kisser: devotee of a particular wine label regardless of the quality of the wine inside

Pinotporn: the winegrowing and winemaking process as a voyeuristic pleasure

Cool-climate: magical catchword for Pinot Noir vineyard sites

Valley of Duttons: The area west of Graton in Sonoma County. The Duttons control 80 different ranches totaling more than 1000 acres

Vitamin P: Pinot Noir

ESPN: IMing for Easy Sipping Pinot Noir

T ‘n a: shorthand for tannins and acid in a Pinot (also a Burlesque term)

Elvis on velvet: Description of the soft texture of Pinot Noir

Caliesque: Refers to the ripe, big style of Pinot Noir for which California is famous for

Pinot fabulosity: Description of that something that great Pinot Noir has

Hulk-ization: The pumping up of Pinot Noir - Pinot Noir on steroids

Cult noir: Pinot lovers

See also Volume 6, Issue 1 of the PinotFile which lists the current Pinocabulary: Pinotosity, Pinotology, Pinotholicism, Pinotspreak, Pinoformation, Pinoterroirist, Pinot Pimp, Pinot Geek, Pinotphile, Pinot Queen, Pinoaficionado, and Pinoteer

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