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A new website has been developed by Adam Lee of Siduri Wines and Brian Loring of Loring Wine Company. This site is the first ever Pinot Noir dedicated grower and winemaker group blog from the front lines of every major West Coast Pinot Noir appellation from Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the North to California’s Sta. Rita Hills in the South.

The website will go live on August 20th and from that day until November 1st, will be updated daily by a collaboration of top Pinot Noir winegrowers and winemakers including: Andrew P. Vingiello, Sam Tannahill, Joe Davis, Anna Matzinger, Mark McWilliams, Jim Clendenen, Jeff Gaffner, Wes Hagen, Peter Cargasacchi, Michael Browne, Brian Loring, James Hall, Adam and Diana Lee, Mike Sinor, and Ryan Zepaltas.

The website will be a collective of harvest experiences and insights and visitors to the sight can check in daily for regular updates from their favorite vineyards or appellations.

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