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You may obtain an annual subscription to the PinotFile anytime after September 5, 2008, using a secure credit card transaction through PayPal or sending a check (follow instructions on the website). Use the “Join the Crew” button on the website. The Prince of Pinot home website at will be completely accessible to everyone until October 5, 2008. After October 5, only subscribers will have full access using an i.d. and password.

The biweekly newsletter will no longer be e-mailed to subscribers. Rather, subscribers will receive notification by e-mail (from beginning with PinotFile.....), when a new issue is on the site. You can then read, download, and print a copy of the PinotFile. Past issues will always be available for reference and reading. You may also sign up for a RSS feed to be notified immediately when a new issue or other information is posted on the site.

An annual subscription consists of 26 issues: over 500 pages of pinotspeak and unlimited access to bonus online content. An automated notice will be sent by e-mail to you at the time of expiration of your subscription alerting you of renewal. You are free to cancel at any time. When you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal and your subscription will be immediately made active.

If you have any problems with obtaining your subscription or navigating the website, please contact Peter Rowell at

“I have been reading the Prince of Pinot newsletter and I am massively enjoying it. My opinion is that I place Rusty as one of my subject matter experts on wine. I trust Bob (Robert Parker,Jr.) on Bordeaux, California Cabs, and the Rhone. I look towards Burghound on Burgundy. And I think I have found my guru on Oregon and California Pinot.” .....Reader Errol Kovitch
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