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Pinot By the Numbers

As of 2004, the acreage of Pinot Noir in the major growing regions of the world (total vineyard acreage for all varietals is in parentheses):

    Champagne 31,283 (81,196)

    Burgundy 26,016 (66,287)

    California 24,055 (440,296)

    Oregon 7,637 (13,700)

    New Zealand 3,239 (17,809)

Nearly all of the Pinot Noir grown in Champagne goes into one of three styles of Champagne: nonvintage brut, vintage brut, and rosé. Champagne does produce a small amount of still Pinot Noir labeled as Coteaux Champenois.

In Burgundy, production is 105 million bottles of Chardonnay and 75 million bottles of Pinot Noir annually. There are 4,000 Domaines in the Cote d’Or which stretches 31 miles and has 59 different types of soil.

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