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Quotes on Pinot

Jeff Carlson, sommelier at Rat’s Restaurant in Hamilton, New Jersey, summed up the “it” grape as follows. “I talk about the four major producing areas for Pinot Noir. On the one side of the spectrum is Burgundy, the home of Pinot Noir, yielding wines that are complex and earthier. On the other side is California, with riper flavors and bigger fruit. In the middle, you have New Zealand, which leans more toward California. And then you have Oregon, which leans more toward Burgundy.” Well said.

Actor Sam Neill, owner of Two Paddocks in Central Otago waxed on Pinot Noir. “I think Pinot is one of the most useful wines. It’s good with fish or meat, or even sitting around getting pissed with - there’s nothing wrong with that either.”

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