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Ribbon Ridge

Appellation Approved: 2005

History: Harry Peterson-Nedry was the first to plant grapes in the appellation at Ridgecrest Vineyards in 1980.

Geography: See comments under Chehalem Mountains. Ribbon Ridge is located 4 miles northeast of Dundee between the towns of Newberg and Gaston at the northwest end of the Chehalem Mountains. Ribbon Ridge is contained wholly within the Chehalem Mountains appellation. Configured in a somewhat uniform bread loaf like shape, it represents an island-like spur of ocean sediment uplift. This small appellation is protected by geographic land masses on the north, south and west sides. The appellation’s elevation minimum is 200 feet and maximum is 683 feet.

Size: 3,350 acres

Vineyards: 500 acres, 20 vineyards

Wineries: 5

Soils: Primarily ocean sedimentary sandstone that is younger and more uniform than the soils of neighboring regions. Moderately deep, well-drained Willakenzie soil series.

Climate: The protected location creates a moderate climate. The few aquifers requires many vineyards to be dry farmed.

Flavor Profile of Pinot Noirs: Bright red cherry that can be pushed to black fruit (black cherry, blackberry and black currant), brown and wood spices, cola, anise, wet leaf, loamy earthy and chocolate. Usually fine tannins and well structured, but the winemaker’s hand may influence the tannins and character of the fruit. The acidity is usually good, especially in higher elevations and the wines age well as a result.

Prominent Producers in the Appellation: Ayres Vineyard, Beaux Freres, Brick House Vineyards, Patricia Green Cellars, Redman Wines, Ribbon Ridge Vineyard, RR (Ridgecrest Vineyard), and Styring Vineyards.

Appellation Website: (Listed by the Willamette Valley Winegrowers Association but the site is not functional at present.)

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