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Breathalyzer for Ipod

The iBreath is one of many products designed for the iPod and iPhone. This $50 accessory plugs into the dock connector of the iPod converting it into a field sobriety tester. The user exhales into a retractable blow wand and the internal sensor measures the blood-alcohol content within 5 seconds. A reading of 0.08 on the LED screen sets off an alarm, signaling a blood alcohol level that is above the legal limit of intoxication in all 50 states. iBreath claims to offer accuracy within 0.01%, although these claims have been challenged.

Other iPhone applications include Last Call which estimates blood-alcohol content, Drunk Dial which prevents people from making phone calls that they might regret in the morning (by administering a timed math test), and Taxi Magic which hails a cab (available in 25 cities in the United States).

The iBreath makes an ideal gift especially for drinkers who often underestimate their level of intoxication before driving. It also doubles as an FM transmitter for your car stereo. For further information, visit the website of the creator,

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