2004 Corda Vineyards Marin County Pinot Noir

The Corda family is the largest grape grower in Marin County with 50 acres of vineyards and have been ranchers in Marin County since 1884. Brothers David and Hank Corda dissolved the family’s dairy business in 1987 and now concentrate on the vineyards. The 2001 vintage came from Devil’s Gulch Ranch, but the winery is now committed to retaining more of its estate grapes for the family’s namesake label and the 2004 is at least partly from the vineyard’s own grapes. · Both vintages are similar in style. Elegant, light in color and alcohol (13.9%), they feature a soft texture and nuances of spice and vanilla. Reviewed July 16, 2007

Winery: Corda Vineyards
From article: Marin County Pinot Noir Celebration