Willamette Valley, Oregon

The wineries of the Willamette Valley are quite spread out and will take some planning to reach several in a day unless you stay within one of the appellations. Portland is an hour drive to the central Willamette Valley. Many of the wineries do not have tasting rooms and appointments are necessary. All the Willamette Valley wineries are open Memorial Day weekend and Thanksgiving Day weekend. There are limited accommodations in the Willamette Valley so make your plans far in advance. Multiple companies offer tours of the Willamette Valley (see willamettewines.com). Rain is common in the Willamette Valley in the winter, so consider planning your trip from Memorial Day through October. There are a cluster of small tasting rooms in Carlton, Newberg and McMinnville feature some of the Willamette Valley's premium boutique Pinot Noir producers. Besides the restaurants listed here, there are other many excellent dining spots in Portland which has become a foodie heaven. In addition Portland had more than 400 food carts in the metro area as of 2011. Craft beer is very popular in Portland.

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