Vineyard: Doña Marcelina

OwnerDeborah Hall
AppellationSta. Rita Hills

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NV Ancient Vine Angelica Dona Marcelina’s Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills Mission Dessert Wine

17% alc., 9% residual sugar, 25 cases, $130 (375 ml). Raised two years in neutral barrels. · Save this wine for a special cool evening by the fireplace. Flavors of root beer, roasted nuts and caramel toffee seem to last an eternity on the finish. Drinks more like a dry wine than a dessert wine with refreshing acidity. Pair with 5-year-old Gouda cheese for an orgasmic experience. This is surely one of the most exotic and rare beverages I have ever drank. Very good (++++). Reviewed December 14, 2010 WINERY » ARTICLE »

2004 Gypsy Canyon Angelica Sta. Rita Hills Mission Grape Dessert Wine

375 ml., $120. · This wine just blew me away. I had never had anything like it and I was at lost for words. The nutty flavors were fresh and clean. There were hints of brown butter, root beer, and toffee. The wine was not cloying like many sweet wines. The finish seemed to last for a minute. There was plenty of lively and refreshing acidity. Paired with 5-year-aged Gouda cheese, this wine offered a celestial experience. Reviewed July 23, 2007 WINERY » ARTICLE »