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Elite California Pinot Noir Vineyards Part II

“Like people, certain places simply imbue inherent rock star quality.”
Kathleen Wilcox

This issue is Part II or second of a three-part article devoted to what I consider Elite California Pinot Noir Vineyards.

As domestic Pinot Noir has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last three decades and the consumer has become more knowledgeable, there has been an increasing emphasis on vineyard sources. Unlike Burgundy, where vineyards receive top billing on wine labels, in California the producer receives preeminence on wine labels. With that in mind, I have provided detailed information on each Elite California Pinot Noir vineyard.

My listing of California Pinot Noir vineyards as “Elite” is based on twenty years of my reviews from every notable Pinot Noir vineyard in California. This compilation is meant to serve as a valuable resource for Pinot Noir enthusiasts and as a reliable guide for Pinot Noir purchases.

I have chosen the word “Elite” to signify the finest or the best of their kind. I would leave the Grand Cru designation to the French because their classification is based on primarily geological and climatic conditions while my classification is based on the quality of wines consistently produced by a special vineyard.

It is surprising that the popular wine literature is filled with information on grape varieties, wines, winemakers and wineries, but comparatively little detail about vineyards.

Outline of Elite California Pinot Noir Vineyards: Part II North Coast

Part II: North Coast

Russian River Valley

    Allen Vineyard

    Arrendell Vineyard

    Dehlinger Estate Vineyard

    Dutton Ranch Jentoft Vineyard

    Olivet Lane Vineyard

    Porter Creek Vineyard

    Quail Hill Vineyard

    Ritchie Vineyard

    Rochioli Vineyard

    Soul Patch Vineyard Trenton Estate Vineyard

Other North Coast Appellations

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