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The American Paradox

A corollary to the “The French Paradox” is “The American Paradox.” We have spent billions to match and surpass the French in health success. But we have failed miserably as our focus is on intervention rather than prevention and we have a persistent theme in this country that alcohol consumption of any kind is a dreaded and unwelcome threat to our well being. Our latest health escapade is reducing trans-fat, all the while ignoring that fact that our health is in the glass. We continue to support efforts to isolate the healthy components of wine so that we can achieve the benefits without actually drinking. A group of British scientists wrote in the respected medical journal, Lancet, “If wine is ever found to contain a constituent protective against cardiovascular disease, then we consider it almost a sacrilege that this constituent be isolated. The medicine is already in a highly palatable form.” They got that right.

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