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Think Big When Purchasing Pinot

Forget buying great Pinot by the bottle or case. I have taken the next step - purchasing Pinot by the barrel. There are many advantages to this: no cork taint, no bottles or corks to throw out, less required bottle storage , practically endless stock of Pinot, no required corkscrew , and most important, better tasting wine from a barrel. Now you can scoff at your beer drinking friends with their puny kegs. My wife is not particularly enamored by my new idea. She insists that the oak barrel doesn’t fit in with our dining room furniture. I tried to explain to her that it was a Francois Freres barrel, practically brand new, and from France, but she frowned. I told her it was a great conversation piece, and after I outfitted it with a spigot, I could dispense Pinot to our friends and guests at a moments notice. No spilling of red wine on her nice tablecloths while pouring from a bottle either. We are still negotiating.

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