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Prince Meets Namesake Equine

Recently I traveled to Hidden Springs Ranch just outside of Prescott, Arizona to visit my namesake thoroughbred horse, “Prince of Pinot.” A good friend of mine, John Maggiano, has taken a financial interest in several thoroughbred race horses over the years. Most of these horses have finished last or next to last in races. Undaunted and willing to burn some money, he has recently invested in a horse with great promise. The name was chosen from three submitted to the jockey. When you think about it, the name makes since as great Pinot Noirs are often referred to as thoroughbreds.

The horse is now 9 months old and the day after I visited he was to begin “school” to learn how to race. Hopefully he will race within 4-6 months on a track in Southern California where I can go and root him home. The trainer says the horse is feisty and has quite an attitude, both attributes that indicate a competitive streak. He will take a little longer than most to train.

I brought an apple to give him, but he wouldn’t take it. I might have known he would prefer grapes.

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