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Biodynamic Farming

Ted Lemon, writing in his recent newsletter, spoke clearly about the goals of biodynamic farming.

“A biodynamic vineyard (BD) takes the philosophy of organics to another level. In a BD vineyard, the goal is not only to use only organically certified materials, and as few as possible, but to generate as many of the farm’s needs as possible on site. If on site isn’t possible then as close by as possible. The farm is a self contained organism which seeks to achieve a natural stasis with its environment. This balance will minimize, but not eliminate, pests and diseases. They will be reduced to a level which both plant and farmer can live with. The farmer works with celestial rhythms to further harmonize the farm with its environment. A good BD farm is a bit like a monastery: a self-contained, selfsupporting unit. It is our experience that with rigorous winemaking, wine from a well managed BD vineyard expresses terroir like no other.”

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